Cherry Red Raspberry Blue

There is a popsicle stain on the pants I bought to take to college

That is what I get for being impatient.

Had I worn different pants; had I not eaten the popsicle,

But I fall in love every time I open my freezer door –

colored corn syrup

clear food dye

100% not juice

I often think that popsicle flavors are calls to children’s imaginations and stabs to the adult psyche

Red is not a flavor, but a color

And yet to me, it tastes like strawberries or cherries

But I know strawberry and cherry are just code for red 40

I love it when the flavor is unrecognizable: “blue”

Blue tastes like blue raspberry

Blue raspberry is not a fruit

Then blue berry it must be, but if it were – blue berry – I would know.

It would taste nothing like blue raspberry

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