My Room Is A Mess

My room is a mess

Two feet cannot stand on the same island – you must straddle the cluttered seas,

The commanders of two




Captain my voyage from bed to door

Slay the monsters rolling in deep light on floors much cleaner than mine

Be careful not to slip on the rug never straightened



Do not trip on the purse, contents spilled like drunken secrets from a midnight masquerade

Two feet cannot stand on the same island,

But two feet can balance despite waves crashing at ankled palm trees





We are strong amidst salty spray

Chaos’ waves do not drench our firm

My room is a mess but we are not adrift on the waves that undulate through the floor

My room is a mess but we are sat beneath a palm,

Book in hand,

Riding the cacophony


New Black Mercedes

She doesn’t really know how to work it – that’s why I sit next to her

The seat’s always a little too far back and I’m just tall enough for the sun not to burn my eyes too badly

The leather’s black, but off…but not quite off-black

You can’t call it gray because it’s not that

The most accurate you can get is probably coal but that would still miss the mark

Angel perfume is her own hanging air freshener, permanent as we move from one obsidian to another

Tissue box in the back with only 2.5 intact sides out of the 6 – it’s a staple in this black oval on wheels

Personalized license plate but commercial all the same

On My Shelf: The House on Mango Street

Currently, I am reading The House on Mango Street because my future college roommate told me to. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest that you do because it’s not your typical novel. Sandra Cisneros takes us on this literary journey not through a typical chapter by chapter layout, but through little stories with quippy titles. It travels in a linear fashion so everything that happens in these little quippy stories is in chronological order – it reads like your traditional novel, but it’s not. It’s on my shelf; I’m reading it. How about you put it on yours?